Attach your hospital to WHECRF

Sir, We understand we all are busy physician and Surgeon.

Some of us are working and bigger corporate hospitals, where treatment cost of high and comparatively rich patients come here, its not our working area.

Two kind of hospitals may be our working areas

  1. Hospitals in bigger cities, within or nearby any slum
  2. Hospitals at rural area, where tribal of poor communities live, or farmers of your areas are suffering from loss of crops due to drought or floods.

If you are one among these two, you can contact us.

What we do for poor patients?

If patient come to your center, needs urgent treatment, unable to afford it, unable to get any help of his relatives, local govt, or local NGO’s / Charitable trusts, We will come forward to help.

Your support is still vital for us to help this patient?

We will come forward only on your request, we need your following support
If patient is Below Poverty line (BPL), and he has its certificate, no need to check his financial background, If he is not having any proof of being a BPL, you are supposed to check his financial background if you feels he is genuinely very poor and urgent need of treatment, we will accept your request. For your request, you whatever way you like, its upon you, like via mail or via phone call, we will definately support this patient, by giving his medical bill, or by asking us to come to our hospital for further treatment (only its nearby).

As we have limited resources, if by mistake we help a person who is not poor and pretending as poor, and we help him, it means we lost a our resources, by which we would help one really needy person, and now we can’t help, as we already consumed that resources. So this support of yours, is very crucial for us.

Our source of Income We have a made good team of generous people, some are doctors, some are other professionals, they are sparing 5-15% of their salaries, and donating to us to help in our noble works. Its not a easy to convince a person to join us and donate his some share of hard earn money, Its only because they observed our works for years, then they joined our team. Some of our not team members not support us financially but they support us by giving their valuable time.
Our supporters- Any generous people, not a part of our team, they also support us when see our services they come forward to donate. Its really great contribution towards mankind.

Please send us below given info, We will contact you soon.

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