Join us, Do some Good work

Visiting this site, if you are thinking about to involve some generous social works in your area, we welcome you. It will be for the satiety of your soul, Some times we did not identify our nature, still when we do some good work, it will give satisfaction to our inner heart. In our team, we always teach people to control our whims of our agile mind, and needs of sensory organs. People from all faiths are working with our team. We believe all when you see in depth, all religions teach us same participles of humanity. Our team first principle is every human should spend 5-15% income on service of humanity.

Joining our team, also will be good experience for you, as person, I mean, good company make your inclination towards good thing. People who comes in our team, slowly leave their bad habits, becomes more god believing in some years. So our group Grows.

If you want to join, you have to start some service of mankind in your area, our team will support you with all our resources, and believe me, India is full of generous people, If for few years we do some good work, people start come to support automatically, then we need not spend your own money, people who can’t give their time, they start to support financially.

If you want to discuss with us, more details, you can call or meet us, our details given at this link

If you send some of your details to us, we will contact you.

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